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Science Mentors 1 to 1 is an organization that develops competency and self-esteem in under-represented high school students through the application of the scientific method to environmental issues.

How the Program Works

  1. Match adult with high school student for research and field work
  2. Student prepares a lesson based on research for an elementary school class
  3. Student interviews an expert on the problem he/she is researching
  4. Applicable field trips are provided for groups of participants
  5. Entrance in to the Mercer Science and Engineering Competition is encouraged
  6. ScienceMentors celebrates the completion of all projects at a Spring Fair
  7. Internships and Summer Science Workshops are pursued
  8. Coaching support is offered for the students ready to pursue higher education
  9. Opportunities for volunteer work in the community are provided

About the director


Maureen J. Quinn

clip_image002For twenty two years, in Mercer County I’ve lead one to one mentor programs that served hundreds of under-represented students. 85% of these students are now either matriculating or have graduated from colleges across the country.

ScienceMentors 1 to 1 initiated in 2008 is an outgrowth of my previous 20 years as Director of one to one mentor programs for high school students in Trenton, Princeton and Lawrence NJ. Previous to the best ‘job’ I’ve ever had I was a consultant to corporations for the growth and development of their entry level and middle management personnel. My areas of expertise include:
-Development of interactive management workshops for entry level to senior executives
-Relationship building engendering trust among multi-ethnic populations
-Motivating adults to contribute time and expertise as volunteers
-Producing an interactive finance workshop for Teens and Parents
-Public Speaking
-Life Skills Coach for under-represented teens
I have been an Educator, Training Manager, Business Consultant and Youth Leader.
I have a Master’s Degree in Religious Studies from Fordham University in New York (focus – adolescent development) and a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Chestnut Hill College, in Philadelphia, Pa.

Community Service Award from Lawrence Civic Association –May, 2008
Education Honoree at Trenton NAACP’s 100th Freedom Fund Event – Oct, 2009
ScienceMentors 1 to 1 honored by TPEF Keys to Opening Doors of Opportunity – May, 2010

My experience in education, board membership, leadership, and public speaking in corporate settings, the classroom and non-profit organizations, allows me to effectively develop and direct programs that impact diverse populations and education levels in positive ways.

For more information feel to free to contact:

Maureen J. Quinn

ScienceMentors 1 to 1
546 Keefe Road
Lawrence, NJ 08648