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Students and Projects


Arelis Alvarez (Rowan University Educ. Maj) & Tyanna Spaulding
What are the dangers of chemicals used on hair?

Tina Drew (Tessera) & Germalysa Ferrer
Which solar panel produces more electricity, one made with titanium dioxide and raspberries or one made with copper oxide?

Dr. Pam Sheehan (Environmental Scientist)* &Aliyah McCrae
If you lose your sense of smell, what effect will it have on the rest of your body?

Phil Duran (EnviroPhysics, LLC) & Jibri Muse
Can a drone be used to prevent blindness in Africa?

Damon Branch (Church & Dwight Co., Inc.) & Ayouba Swaray
Compare the quality of different water sources for drinking.

Matt Kiefer (Kiefer Landscapes, Inc) & Aldair Desidera
How does good fertilizer management effect plant growth and the environment?

Christopher Davies (Church & Dwight Co., Inc.) & Raekwon Hill
If livestock eat genetically modified grain will there be GMOs in my meats?

Karen M. Reeds (Medical Historian) & Shanell Mighty
How can Forensic Science be used to bring justice to families of murder victims?

Andy Webb (Renesas Electronics America) & Klever Najera
Can we reclaim oil/fuel from plastic using only the Sun?

Doug Raichle (Engineer – Sarnoff) & Arian Rodriguez
Water Quality – Is Ewing High water safe to drink?

Holly Jerome (Coach Your Biz) & Shanice Mills
Why has the health of teeth changed from cavemen to the present and future?

Andy Knerr (Church & Dwight Co., Inc.) & Luis DePaz
So you want to be an engineer!

Diego Zapata (ETS) & Jose Lapaz Rodriguez
Many people are living longer unhealthy – Is there anything we can do about it?

Felice Farber* (Biology Educator) & Trinity Williams
Can we decrease the average consumption of sugar, a source of increasing diabetes/obesity?

Paul Redwood (Church & Dwight Co., Inc.) & Jason St. Clair
Is Homasote ‘LEEDing’ the way in sustainable drywall?

Arelis Alvarez (Rowan University Educ. Major) & Monica Perez
Is the amount of sugar in soda actually dangerous to our health?

Dr. Lindsay Steirer Taylor (Trenton Senior High) & Cesia Gaudron + Amber Gomez
The fontanero cut off my water!

Jack Turkel (JackJayDigital Professional Photography) & Luis DePaz
What happens to a person when he/she views the world through the eye of the camera?

* Honorary mentors – two expert scientists/educators stepped in to offer expertise and take each young woman to the finish line



Students and Mentors

Braulio Cappas and Doug Raichle

Cashea Anderson and Leanne Ermert/Kyra Duran

Ernestine Peabody and Kathy Giordano

Jackie Ketter and Karen  Reeds

Jibri Grigger-Muse and Lonnie Walker

Jiqacia Davis and Tammy Love

Jose La Paz Rodriguez and Diego Zapata

Julian Bing Newman and Phil Duran

Khari Butler-Samuels and Damon Branch

Luis DePaz and Andy Knerr

Marcus Holley and James Washington

Melynne Jimenez and Nicole Sanchez

Paul Poyau and Paul Redwood

Rachel Esau and Stella Karcnik

Shawn D. Bailey and Kirk Groomes

Tatyana DeJesus and Lisa Olson

Monica Perez and Kayla Minchini

Christian Zapata-Sanin and Diego Zapata

Projects Worked on

Solar Energy

Wind Power

Electric Cars




Bacteria Resistant


Water Sources/Sewage

Plastic Pollution

Drowning Islands


Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hearing Loss

Rain Gardens

Wind Power


Toilet Scarcity


Not for human consumption. The risks of drinking Coca-Cola.
Tajawuan Howard

Is there too much salt in the winter season.
Ziare Bellamy

What is the impact of diabetes on the quality of life for individuals and the larger community?
Doris Teah

Contaminated water kills people all across the world. Is there a way to make an improved inexpensive solar-powered device that can provide clean water more efficiently in developing countries?
Julian Newman

Can composting significantly reduce the 263 million pounds of food wasted each day in the US and help end hunger?
Brandi Johnson

How can we minimize our everyday electronic (EMF) pollution?
Luis De Paz

Can quality landscaping be one answer for drought and water degradation from fertilizers?
Mitchell Lopez

Food recovery and dining hall sustainability.
Ernestine Peabody

In what way to chemical pesticides used in farming harm the environment, and what are some alternatives?
Arelis Alvarez

Is a rain garden a good environmental alternative to a meadow surrounding the resurfaced Assunpink Creek?
Tatyana De Jesus

Third world cell-phone charging.
Braulio Cappas

The price and process of wildlife rehabilitation: how much of a solution is Dawn in response to the effects of environmental disasters on wildlife?
Marcus Holley

How can we stop the Ebola epidemic?
Jackie, Ketter

Plastic evil-doers. How does plastic affect the economy?
Melynne Jimenez

A world without trees.
Rachel Esau

Can we use technology to reduce the impact of e-waste?
Jose La Paz

Does land use affect water quality? Assessing the health of the Assunpink Watershed.
Daisy De Paz

Do urban areas have sub par air quality that triggers more asthmatic attacks in kids?
Quenten Couch

Is factory farming a good thing for the environment?
Paul Poyau

How do natural skin products benefit us and how can they help the environment in return?
Clair Noel


Can Soil Solve a Crime?
Ernestine Peabody, TCHS – Kathy Giordano, NJDEP

Medicine from the Plants Around Us
Jackie Ketter, TCHS – Karen Reeds, Medical Historian

Mirror, Mirror….Does our Self-Perception Affect our Life Decisions?
Giselle Contreras, TCHS – Annie Condit, Registered Dietician

Drones; Because We Can, Should We?
Brian Zabala, TCHS – Diego Zapata, ETS

Vernal Pools….Speed Dating for Amphibians.
Daisy de Paz, TCHS – Rebecca Traylor, Michael Baker Inc.

Manmade Dam; For Better or For Worse?
Arelis Alvarez, TCHS – Tammy Love, Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Associatio

Chasing Bigfoot! Reducing our Carbon Footprint
Luis De Paz, TCHS – Andy Knerr, Church & Dwight

Do Family Dinners have a Positive Effect on a Teenager’s Performance?
Denise Mosquera, TCHS – Jennifer De Leon, PNC Bank

Can Polluted Water be Purified by Solar Energy?
Marcus Holley, TCHS – James Washington, Church & Dwight

Can We Train Our Brain Waves to Reliably Control a Computer?
Lesther Flores & Erik Lima, TCHS – Phil Duran, EnviroPhysics Inc.

-How Much is Too Much? Sugar and Our Health.
Tajawuan Howard, TCHS – Jack Turkel, JACKJAYdigital

Planting a Beautiful Earth; What Species are Best in Different Environments?
Mitchell Lopez, TCHS – Matt Kiefer, Kiefer Landscapes

A Whole Lot of Shaking Going On! How to Prepare Bridge Construction to Resist Epic Weather
Ziare Bellamy, TCHS – Mark Cattuna, Michael Baker Inc.

Vitamins in Motion
Stephanie Velasquez & Alexander Arce, TCHS – Dr. Stephanie Chorney, Pediatrician

Does the Death of a Star Affect the Environment?
Kathy Dominguez, TCHS – Zi-Le Wu, ETS

Magnetic Waves Rx
Kimberly Godoy, TCHS – Seana Scanlon, Church & Dwight

Testing the Viability of Recycled Building Materials
Tajae Lewis, TCHS – Bruce Vontulganburg, Master Carpenter

Is Road Skid Resistance Improved with Cat Litter?
Quenten Couch, Ewing High School – Paul Redwood, Church & Dwight

Wi-Fi Fish Fry; Technologies’ Effects on the Creatures of the Ocean
LeShaun Bessant, TCHS – Dan Juda, Church & Dwight


Rain Barrels; “Catching Rain and Re-Using it”
Ernestine Peabody, TCHS – Kathy Giordano, NJDEP

The Effect of Lead on Plant Growth
Jackie Ketter, TCHS – Karen Reeds, Medical Historian

Sugar & Yoga; Impact on The Body
Jennet Jusu, TCHS – Romy Toussaint, Romyoga

Plastic: Friend of Foe?
Wesley Rodriguez, TCHS – Diego Zapata, ETS

Seeing the Forest Through the Trees: Influences on Species Composition
Daisy de Paz, TCHS – Rebecca Traylor, Michael Baker Inc.

Beaver: Nature’s Engineer
Arelis Alvarez, TCHS – Tracy Kiriluk, St. Lawrence Rehab

The Effect of Lead on Bones
Maria Mohsin, TCHS – Karen Reeds, Medical Historian

Earthworms and Soil Nutrients
Denise Mosquera, TCHS – Lauren Joy Johnson, MCCC

-Solar Oven Performance varies by Season
Brian Zabala, TCHS – James Soc, Mathematica Policy Research

Can the controversial ability known as “dowsing” be scientifically proven or disproven?
Lesther Flores & Erik Lima, TCHS – Phil Duran, EnviroPhysics Inc.

Aluminum as Alternate Fuel
NuKermeni Kermah, TCHS – Tina Drew, Linear Photonics

Does the Brain Lie to Us?
Deysy Ordonez, TCHS – Liliana Julian, Mathematica Policy Research

Can You Train a Robotic Arm to Type?
Eddy Torres, TCHS – Doug Raichle, Sarnoff (ret.)

Drugs and the Teenage Brain
Daylin Leiva, TCHS – Sunanda Parthasarathy, Princeton University

London Bridge is not the only one falling down
Ziare Bellamy, TCHS – Mark Cattuna, Michael Baker Inc.



Does Land Use Affect Water Quality? Assessing the Health of the Assunpink Watershed.
Deisy Vasquez, TCHS – Rebecca Lyne, Michael Baker, Inc

Will a change in diet slow the rise of diabetes in urban teens?
Jessica Baffoe, TCHS – Judith Avila – Futuro Mentoring Program

Testing magnetic properties of neodymium magnets under different (rare earth) temperatures
Xavier Bailey,TCHS – Diego Zapata, ETS

Drugs and the Teenage Brain
Madelin Cordero, Hamilton High West – Delia Downes, Church & Dwight

Hydroponics – An answer to Urban Farming?
Nukermeni Kermah, TCHS – Tina Drew Linear Photonics

Concrete Deterioration in our Aging Bridges
Edin Lopez, TCHS – Mark Cattuna, Michael Baker, Inc.

Trenton High Tornado Hovercraft
Eddy Torres, TCHS – Doug Raichle, Sarnoff(ret).

Is Trenton the Next Atlantis – Climate Change and its effect on the Delaware River
Christian Malave, TCHS – Layala Issa, Michael Baker, Inc.

How the Amount of Water Affects the Growth of Baker’s Yeast
Jocelyn Mendoza,TCHS – Karen Reeds, Medical Historian

Oil Spills and Nature’s Wetlands
Melissa Robinson,TCHS – Kathy Giordano, NJDEP

Is Algae an answer to our fuel needs?
Wesley Rodriguez, TCHS – Matt Kiefer, Kiefer Landscaping

Are the chemicals used in hair processing less safe in poor neighborhoods?
Keturah Thomas, TCHS – Carolyn Giordano, Rider University

Importance of quality programming to create magical useful robots
EddieHerredia and Humberto Ochero – TCHS (Honorary ScienceMentor Mentees) and Dave Cippolloni, Director of CTE at TCHS

Princeton Plasma Physics/Science Mentors Student Participants
(TCHS CLOμDS Program combines micro-gravitybased teacher professional development run by PPPL and NASA with efforts of ScienceMentors to create a unique research experience)

Student Research Members:
Mentors: Stephanie Wissel and Aliya Merali – PPPL
Teacher Coach: Nicole Hamlet
Students: Aslin Gonzalez, Aut Mu, D’Andre Bright, Denise Mosquera, Edgar Medina, Julian Elliot, Lesther Flores, Vladimir Castillo, Youtee Wheagar, Monica Morris

-Circuits on Wheels * Aslin Gonzalez, TCHS—Stephanie Wissel, Aliya Merali – PPPL

-Balloons and Their Pops * Lesther Flores, TCHS—Stephanie Wissel, Aliya Merali – PPPL

-Surface Tension Inside Balloons * Edgar Medina, TCHS—Stephanie Wissel, Aliya Merali – PPPL



“Does Saliva Possess Antimocrobial Properties?” Jocelyn Mendoza, TCHS – Karen Reeds – Medical Historian

‘What are the environmental impacts of mining and what does it have to do with rare earth?” Xavier Bailey – TCHS – Diego Zapata,

“How can Seawater Greenhouses increase the supply of potable water in the world?” Jordan Vasquez, TCHS – Vincent Hohn, BMS

“What is the most efficient way to produce Hydrogen from water and sunlight? Moses Sutton, TCHS – Phil Duran, Envirophysics

“Is there a way to convert human effort into usable electric power”? – James Soc, TCHS – Doug Raichle – Sarnoff (ret)

“Can Algae, as an alternate fuel source, provide sufficient, affordable amounts to replace our dependence on oil” Billy Ouch, TCHS – Matt Kiefer – Kiefer Landscape, inc.

“Can a process to provide a stable supply of virus-free water powered by solar be created? Archie Askie, TCHS – Jared Fataross – Civil Engineer

“How does the local environment affect food choices?” Deisy Vasquez, TCHS – Rebecca Lyne, Michael Baker, Inc.

“Hey honey, are you medicine? Are different types of honey effective antimicrobials? Yaritza Corado, TCHS – Christine Barranco, St. Ann’s Faith Center

“How does deforestation affect animal wildlife?” Jennifer Corado, TCHS – Jennifer Richardson, ETS

“Can Eisenia Fetida worms biodegrade some plastics?” Kiana Simpson, Trenton Catholic Academy – Lisa Olson, Columbia University

“If we can’t recycle it, then can we re-use it?” Liliana Julian, TCHS – Chinni Ramineni, ETS

“Finding connections between chickens, their feed, their manure and soil fertility” Sherlin Lima, TCHS – Toria Harr – Snipes Farm Educator

“Finding connections between chickens, their feed, their manure and soil fertility” Joy Johnson, Trenton West – Melanie Douty – Snipes Farm

“Calibrating the heat of the Sun” Lemuel Wilson, TCHS – Michael Bowe – Computer Engineer

“How safe is the water in Trenton” Nukermeni Kermah, TCHS – Tina Drew, Electrical Engineer

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